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Since the mid-80s Memofix has been providing technical and reverse logistics solutions to the North American IT industry. We are a market leader specializing in the repair and support of LTO tape devices and libraries, data recovery solutions and partnering with manufacturers and enterprise level, third party maintenance organizations as their warranty depot and logistics hub.

Through our global network of ISO certified TSC companies we are able to bring our customers solutions which can be easily transported to different geographies as they expand. We are able to do this in a fast and flexible manner.

Our company takes pride in the professionalism and experience of our people, our processes and our desire to always do better.  Our goal is to be the best at what we do.

Technical Services Consortium

The TSC offers world-class depot repair, reverse logistics and product resale services to our clients globally on a full range of products; from storage, servers and enterprise devices to personal computers, components and consumer electronics. Click here to see TSC locations worldwide.

The Challenge of Being Unique

Nov 27, 2012
What sets Memofix apart from other technical services organizations? MORE

An Introduction to the TSC

TSC Newsletter
Aug 25, 2015
A group of technology companies with expertise and success in their geographies, coming together to deliver worldwide comprehensive services to their customers. MORE

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