Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery is our passion and helping people is our mission. If we can’t recover it, no one can. Memofix began in the 1980s as an authorized repair center for Seagate, Conner, Quantum and MiniScribe hard drives. Today we continue to focus on hard drives. We service almost 3000 assorted hard drives every month and have successfully recovered data from virtually every model of hard drive manufactured for the personal computer.

Why Choose Data Recovery by Memofix for your Hard Drive Data Recovery?
  • Our biggest advantage for hard drive recovery is having a massive inventory of used hard drives on-site. Because we do NOT usually have to buy parts drives on the open market like our competitors, we can afford to use more parts and try harder. This results in greater successes with physically crashed hard drives. We will attempt recoveries that others deem unrecoverable.

  • Having this access to parts also allows us to keep our fees lower as we don’t have parts and shipping costs to pass on.

  • Turnaround time can be kept to a minimum as we don’t lose time waiting for parts drives to be shipped to us. This also allows us to perform emergency after hour recoveries while our competitors must source and order hard drive parts.

  • Memofix’s Hard Drive Data Recovery expertise is recognized industry wide, and in particular, our abilities to recover data from physically crashed hard drives is unrivaled. In fact, we do many of the more difficult data recoveries for several data recovery companies.

  • Our ISO 9001 certified processes and facility have been created with hard drive data recovery in mind. We maintain a class 100 clean-room environment for all head replacements as well as following stringent ESD procedures.

  • Security for your sensitive data is paramount with Memofix. Our facility is access controlled and video monitored 24-7-365 and all data is stored on standalone hard drives under lock and key.

Supported Hard Drives and Interfaces

Hard drive recovery in the 1980’s involved repairing and recovering data from the disk drives of over a hundred hard drive manufactures. Today there are only 3 left, but traces of the defunct manufactures technologies can still be found in the present Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba hard drives. For the best chance of a successful data recovery from a hard drive, remember the folks that have been tinkering with drives since the arrival of the personal computer.

Legacy HARD DRIVES (MFM, RLL,ESDI, MCA interfaces)
Rare expertise on digital antiques including 5¼” and 3.5″ drives manufactured by:


Proficiency with all SCSI hard drive manufactures and all SCSI interfaces including:

  • 50 pin SE single-ended

  • SW Wide

  • UW Ultra Wide

  • WD Wide Differential

  • LVD Low Voltage Differential

  • SCA Single Connector Attachment

  • FC Fibre Channel

  • SAS or Serial Attached SCSI


Extensive expertise with all modern 2.5″ laptop and 3.5″ desktop hard drives including those produced by or for:


Expertise with all external hard drives including:


Besides the more common devices, we’re also experienced in recovering data from odd sized drives like the .85″ Cornice hard drive, the 1″ Seagate series, the 1.8″ Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung ZIFF drives, PCMCIA drives and the legendary IBM MicroDrives. So remember Memofix for all of you hard drive data recovery Toronto needs!

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