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RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery Services, What causes data loss?

Losing access to the data on your RAID array can happen for a number of reasons. However there are two distinct categories of data loss that will require RAID data recovery services.

LOGICAL OR SOFTWARE ISSUES – All of the hard disk drives that make up the RAID array are functioning properly. The RAID data cannot be accessed because of damage to the file system. The operating system whether Linux, XFS, MAC or Windows, uses the file system to locate the data on the RAID array. One can think of the file system as a large index containing the location and order of all the parts of data that make up a particular file. Examples of file system damage on RAID arrays include:

Accidental deletion

Accidental Format or FDISK

Blue Screen of Death

Created New Volumes

Improper shutdown

RAID configuration error

Replaced wrong drive

Incomplete Rebuild

Malfunctioning controller

Master Boot Record bad

MFT Master File Table damage

Missing RAID partition

Power Interruption Surge

NTLDR is missing

Virus Infection

RAID initialized reformatted

RAID missing drives

RAID Parity error

RAID rebuild error

Use of Chkdsk or Utilities

Re-configured RAID

RAID configuration lost

Volume Reconstruction Error

PHYSICAL ISSUES – One or more of the hard drives in your server, RAID box, SAN or NAS are NOT functioning properly. RAID 5 is created to allow the failure of one hard drive with no loss of data. However, the failure of one drive can cause the RAID to start rebuilding itself and if another hard drive in the array fails even momentarily during this process, data can become inaccessible. Hard disk drives may become defective for a variety of reasons as outlined in the hard disk drive recovery section.

RAID Data Recovery Services, Examples

  • One drive of a RAID 5 array failed 4 months previous. The defective hard drive was NOT replaced and the RAID 5 continued to operate in a degraded mode until a 2nd hard disk failed. At this point the RAID 5 now has 2 bad drives which render it totally inaccessible.

  • Sometimes a single disk drive fails  and the operator installed a new drive in its place and starts a rebuilt. But before completion another drive fails and the RAID goes offline. Our RAID data recovery services are your solution.

  • Or we see RAID where a new drive was installed in the wrong slot and when the RAID attempted to rebuild, it corrupted itself.

We see such an enormous variety of damage that was caused after the initial failure and by the user’s recovery attempts, that we must stress the same advice, time after time; if your data is life and death, do nothing after discovering a data loss BUT send it in for Memofix’s RAID data recovery services!

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