Tape Recovery, Tape Restoration & Migration

Tape Data Recovery, Tape Restoration and Tape Migration services are offered by very few data recovery companies. Memofix is one of only a handful of companies in Canada & the USA that have the technical skill and experience to service and repair the most popular tape drives (and tape libraries) from yesterday and today.


Our expertise with tape drives has naturally led to developing our tape data recovery skills. If you can’t access the data on your DAT, DLT, LTO or even your enterprise T10K tapes for whatever reason, Memofix is your solution for tape restoration, tape migration, and tape data recovery services in Canada and the United States.

Why select Memofix for your Tape Data Recovery, Restoration or Migration?
  • Unrivaled expertise for all tape including T10K and LTO1 to LTO8

  • ISO certified processes and class 100 cleanroom conditions

  • Secure 24/7 surveillance & access controlled ESD compliant lab

  • Resources to process 100’s of tapes per week

  • Tape to Tape & Tape to Hard Drive conversions

  • Emergency response team available anywhere, anytime

  • Canada’s largest inventory of tape drives and tape libraries

Supported Manufactures of Tape Drive Cartridges
Supported Tape Drive Formats
Some of the Tape Backup Software We Support

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