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Welcome to Memofix

We provide a comprehensive, all-in-one, holistic solution so you can focus on your core business and do what you do best. 

Our full suite of services allows you to build the perfect custom solution to fit all your needs. 

Outsource your service needs to a partner you can trust

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Memofix is Your Gold Standard of Partner

Now celebrating our 35th year in technology and hardware support, at Memofix, we build and deliver custom solutions with a holistic approach. Our goal is to be your best service partner. Let us do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best for your business. 

Memofix becomes your gold standard of partner by understanding your needs and just as importantly, your wants, while we build and deliver your specially designed custom solution. 

When Memofix creates a custom solution for you, it is not left up to you to execute. We implement your entire project, from point A-Z. We are always refining and improving your solution to ensure we have the right process and people in place to allow for seamless delivery.


Memofix is an outstanding service provider who is proactive in everything they do. An excellent team of people.   


-Major Global Computer OEM


Start building your custom solution

Our Gold Standard Services

Field Service

We have expert technicians all over the world all backed up by a dedicated, multi-lingual support team.

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Depot Repair

As the national depot repair center for major OEM's, our ISO 9001 facility is your first choice for depot repair. 

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Advanced Exchange

As a national advance exchange center for major OEM's, our team members are experts at ensuring your customer has as little downtime as possible.


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Warehousing & Logistics

Our 35,000 sq. ft. facility, centralized national location and a 99+% accuracy rate is supported by late pickups and early deliveries. 

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Program Management

Our team can take on any program related task. Outsource your program management and concentrate on what you do best.

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Call Centre

Our 24/7 multi-lingual team is ready for all your call center needs. 


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A Holistic approach is very much what makes Memofix your Gold Standard of partner. When it comes to your custom solution, the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. By outsourcing your non core business needs to our National, or Global teams, you can focus on maximizing your core offerings and rest assured that your partner, Memofix has the whole of your business as our priority.

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Why Choose Memofix?

Built For Your Business

With our customized solutions, you don't need to fit into our box


Recognized by our partners as extremely easy to do business with

Fast, flexible & nimble with no corporate bureaucracy to slow us or you down

Proven processes approved by major OEMs 

Committed to Quality

ISO 9001 Certified

Dedicated quality management team

Data analysis to identify reoccurring failures across product models

Monthly internal audit

Yearly external audit

Tailored Global Support & Local Presence

3,500 employees and partners worldwide

11 strategic locations across the globe

35 years of delivering quality & excellence

Global standards with the certifications to prove it

24/7 Call Center Support

Lets start building your custom solution today

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