33 Years of Service

Memofix Founded
National Warranty Repair Center for Seagate
Clean room hard drive repair
Data Recovery Services
Launched custom proprietary warranty management system
Authorized national hard drive warranty and screening center for multiple manufacturers
Authorized national tape drive warranty and screening center for multiple manufacturers
National depot repair center notebook, desktop & tablet for multiple vendors
Joined TSC
ISO 9001 Certification
BGA Repair Capability
Implemented best practices for end of life computer hardware through reuse, parts harvesting and responsible recycling
National provider of customized advance exchange/freight logistics solutions
Modernized and expanded facility by over 50%

About Us

Memofix has been in the business of hardware support since 1986. Over the last two years we have doubled our employees and square footage to support our growing customer base. We focus on depot repair, hardware repair, data recovery and customized OEM fulfilment solutions. 

Our Team

Our History 

Since the mid-80s Memofix has been providing technical and reverse logistics solutions to the North American IT industry. We specialize in the repair of storage devices, data recovery solutions, warranty depot repair and computer repair. We are proud to be partnered with some of the worlds leading brands in LTO drives and computers.


Memofix loves storage technology, it runs in our blood.  That’s not to say we are singularly focused – we are after all one of the largest national providers of depot services for a leading notebook OEM and a leading monitor OEM, in addition to our internationally regarded full service data recovery lab.  With all that we have achieved since 1986, we look back on our start as the repair center for the first Seagate drives that entered the Canadian market. This led to our investment in specialized equipment to analyze and re certify hard drives. Due to the fact we have some of the brightest technicians in Canada, we are one of a select group in North America that can repair hard disks and complex tape backup technology. 

Computing and storage technology has changed drastically over the last 30+ years. So how have we continued to meet the challenges and requirements of this fast evolving market? For us the answer is simple - stay focused on the customer