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About Us

Our gold team, your gold partner

Our Story

35 years of Gold Standard Service.


Since the mid-80s Memofix has been providing hardware solutions to the North American IT industry. What was started as specializing in the repair of storage devices and data recovery has expanded out into a vast array business offerings.

Our primary business offerings include: field service, depot repair, advanced exchange, warehousing & logistics, program management, and call center services. Though, we have not abandoned our history and today we still proudly offer our “Legacy” tape drives & library services and Data Recovery by Memofix additional business lines.

Technology has changed drastically over the last 30+ years. So how have we continued to meet the challenges and requirements of this fast evolving market? For us the answer is simple - stay focused on the customer. Through our global network of ISO certified TSC partners we are able to bring our customers solutions which can be easily transported to different geographies as they expand. Our membership in TSC  gives us global access to service expertise, parts and process improvement. 

As one of the largest national providers of depot services for leading notebook & monitor OEMs Memofix has the capacity and proven track record to take on any project scope, that is how we become your Gold Standard of Partner.

Our company takes pride in the professionalism and experience of our people, our processes and our desire to always do better.  Our goal is to be the best at what we do. 

Our Values

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We are all about process. Our processes are documented in great detail to ensure maximum efficiency and risk redundancy for your customized solution. Our strong focus on process allows for ease of use, scalability and dependability. 

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At Memofix, we are never satisfied so you can be. Continuous improvement is not just apart of our quality policy but it is truly engrained in everything we do. Our teams are dedicated to constantly pushing for better for your business. 

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As an ISO 9001 certified company quality is at the core of everything we do. Our detailed work instructions maximize time and efficiency. With effective SLA tracking , we are consistently able to deliver the quality that makes us, the Gold Standard. 

Continuous Improvement


Our Clients

Our clients are the core reason we are here. Our unique ability to build a process driven, holistic, and all encompassing solution that is constantly reacting to the changing needs of your business makes Memofix your Gold Standard of Partner. By outsourcing your non-core proficiencies to Memofix, you can concentrate on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. 

- A major Canadian content provider

Memofix has become the standard to which we compare all of our other partners.



Our Team

Our dedicated team sets the Memofix standard high. Our team are experts in all that we do; from technical expertise to parts management, program management and everything in between, our team does whatever it takes to make sure we are where you need us, when you need us.

Outsourcing your non-core business practices is an easy choice to make with Memofix's dedication to our partners. With a world-class team; Memofix ensures we are your Gold Standard of partner by ensuring your entire custom solution is responsibly controlled by one team. 

Great team in every way. Memofix is the benchmark I push all to achieve.



- A major global computer OEM

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