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Depot Repair

Memofix is Your Gold Standard of Partner

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Comprehensive Expertise

Memofix has a wide ranging and diverse suite of offerings for all of your depot repair needs. Building an all encompassing, or holistic solution, Memofix has bench technicians for repair of any hardware or technology. Our Gold Standard is being able to service your industry. See below for just some of our depot repair offerings. 

With ISO 9001 certification, you know Memofix has the quality standards you need. Our ESD compliant facility and detailed work instructions to maximize time and efficiency. With effective SLA tracking , we are consistently able to deliver the quality that makes us, the Gold Standard.

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We service all brands of notebooks, desktops, all-in-ones, tablets and more. All our bench technicians are highly skilled with comprehensive expertise in each product we service. 

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Digital Signage

We service digital signage in the retail, financial, restaurant sector and more. Memofix bench technicians are highly skilled in all hardware they service to ensure your marketing efforts experience little to no downtime.

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Our bench technicians are experts in all brands and types of printers. Our depot team is ready to provide you with a custom printer repair solution backed up by our seamless execution.

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If your product has hardware components Memofix can help. From wind turbines to MRI Machines to scooters. Contact us today to find out how we can offer a full suite of services for your hardware solution. 





When Memofix creates a custom solution for you, it is not left up to you to execute. Memofix implements your entire project, from point A-Z. Once your custom solution is built, we ensure that we have the right process and people in place to allow for seamless delivery. 

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About Us

Outsourcing your non-core business practices is an easy choice to make with Memofix's dedication to our partners. With a world-class depot repair team; Memofix ensures we are your Gold-Standard of partner by ensuring your entire depot solution is executed flawlessly from the repair team to the quality control team.  

Memofix is the Gold Standard

Global Coverage

With expert technicians all over the world, solving your hardware woe's is just one phone call away. Our coverage starts off strong with our national Canadian depot and keeps on going!

Full Suite of Services

Our depot repair offering is complimented by a full suite of services to bring you a full solution. Build your custom solution by adding on field services, logistics, advanced exchange, project management and more.

White Label

We represent you in everything we do. Whether its reporting, labelling or placing calls directly to your customers as part of the repair process, our team is branded to be an extension of your team.


We provide you with custom data so you can make the right decisions for your business. All reporting is highly customizable and includes your own dashboard for quick decision making. 

Custom Solutions

We fit into your mold, we don't force you into ours. Not quite sure what you need? Don't worry! We can help you figure that out too.

Our People

We admit we're a little biased, but our customers agree our dedicated team sets the Memofix standard high. Memofix's expert repair technicians are ready to ensure your customers get their hardware back quickly and in better condition than when they sent it.

Lets start building your custom depot repair solution today

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