File Data Recovery for Windows, MAC, Apple, Unix, and Solaris

Memofix has experience with almost all OPERATING SYSTEMS including:

Combined with the operating systems, we support the following underlying FILE SYSTEMS:
File Repair and File Recovery

There is another form of data recovery that should more accurately be called file repair versus file recovery. In these cases, Memofix or the client have already been able to recover a particular file, but for one reason or another, the file will not load. As a result, we have developed many in-house programs and purchased even more utilities to help repair some of the hundreds of different file types. Even if we don’t have an automated software solution, Memofix has the technical depth to decipher any file format and create a customized repair program for your data files.

We can recover and/or repair your email files, office documents, accounting records, databases, financial files, graphics files, music, video, and much more. Typically one of the most important files to our clients, are their email files. In fact, when we recover a damaged email file as a result of read errors, corruption or another core problem, it’s our standard practice to repair and test the file and usually at no additional charge. Questions? Call us for your file repair and file recovery answers.

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