Data Recovery

We recover data from damaged hard drives, RAID systems, flash drives, telephones, cameras and magnetic tape.

Our in-house capabilities include full mechanical repair of the hard drive which represents 70% of hard drive failure and data loss. We provide recovery on any type of hard drive including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Quantum, Maxtor, HP, IBM, and Dell. We are not a reseller of data recovery services; all work is completed by our own on-site experts.

No data recovery company in North America has the  experience that Memofix does! For over 30 years Memofix has been providing data recovery services for hard disk drives (HDD), RAID arrays, NAS & SAN servers, Solid State Drives (SSD), USB Flash devices, smartphones and tape cartridges. In fact Memofix began as the 1st and only ever Seagate certified hard drive repair center in Canada, and we continue to service and screen over hundreds of  hard disk drives, tape drives and RAID arrays every month. If you can’t fix it, you can’t recover it. Absolutely nobody understands hard drives the way Memofix does.

Data Recovery by Memofix


Free Canada wide shipping! Create a ticket and one of our dedicated customer service representatives will send you your free shipping label via email along with packing instructions on how to secure your media for transit.


Once we receive your media our data recovery specialists immediately begin your free, no-obligation evaluation. Upon completing the evaluation, we will send you a detailed estimate including cost, damage found, estimated success rate and turn around time. 


You only pay if we are successful! When you receive your free evaluation it will include the estimated success rate based on your media. If we don't meet your personalized success rate, you pay nothing!

Data Recovery Process

1. Evaluation

  • Within an hour of receiving your media, our technicians will begin evaluating your storage device. There are no fees for the evaluation.

  • The evaluation will take anywhere from 20 minutes for a crashed hard drive, to 2 days for a 16 drive RAID array.

  • Upon completing the evaluation, we will email you a  firm estimate describing what issues we have found, the chances of success, how long it will take, and a complete breakdown of our fees.

  • If the emailed quotation meets with your approval, simply sign it and return it to us to begin your recovery.

2. Recovery Work

  • The work to recover your data starts as soon as we receive your estimate approval.

  • Recovering the data requires overcoming the causes that made the data inaccessible in the first place.

  • Drives with physical disk damage will require head assembly replacement(s) in a clean-room environment. Often this procedure must be repeated multiple times before all the data is recovered. 

  • Drives or devices with logical damage or file system damage require rebuilding key file system structures required for locating the data. Resolving logical damage requires specialized software to salvage the data and does not require physically opening the drive. 

3. Getting Your Data Back

  • Smaller amounts of data can be provided online for free,  or returned on a USB flash stick.

  • Larger amounts are typically returned on 2.5″ External USB3 Hard Drive which we offer for sale at competitive prices. Additionally you may supply your own internal or external hard drive at the same time as you submit your defective media.

  • Your recovered data is shipped or held for pickup on your instructions.

Data Recovery Lab

Memofix’s headquarters are located in a 35,000 square foot facility specifically designed for servicing computer storage devices. Located in Vaughan Ontario (in the Greater Toronto Area or GTA), our Data Recovery Lab is ESD (electro static discharge) compliant and temperature  controlled. These features combined with standardized Class 100 clean-room conditions were implemented to protect your storage device and provide us with the best environment for recovering your data.

Memofix’s data recovery lab has an inventory of over 25,000 hard drives from over 26 different manufactures. If we don’t have the parts to resurrect your storage device, few others will. If your data is time sensitive, don’t wait for parts; use Memofix for the fastest recoveries possible.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drives (HDD) are found in laptops, desktops and other types of computer. Unfortunately, sometimes hard drives fail resulting in loss of your important data such as files, videos and photos. With our data recovery specialists, top of the line lab and easy access to parts, Data Recovery by Memofix is the right choice to get you back your data. 

RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recovery and Server Recovery is a Data Recovery by Memofix specialty. We have the expertise and resources to resurrect any defective hard drives, determine the original RAID parameters, virtually rebuild the RAID array, repair and rebuild any damaged file system structures required to reunite you with your valuable data, quickly, efficiently and affordably. Do you need your important data back? look no further!


Smart Phone & Tablet Data Recovery

These days our phones and tablets, whether it’s the iOS based iPhones or the Android based Samsungs, contain so much of our lives. From contact information, text & app data, to  important pictures and videos, our phones have become the archive of our lives. So if your data is lost, remember Memofix. We are very good at what we do.

USB Flash & Camera Card Data Recovery

The USB flash drive, also known as a, thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive,  flash-drive, memory stick or USB memory was first introduced in late 2000 and has gone on to become the most successful portable storage device of all time.  We successfully perform over 500 USB flash recovery cases every year and have a success rate approaching 98%.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery no longer means recovering data from just hard drives.  In fact many laptops offer no hard drive option and an SSD drive is your only choice. Even though SSD manufactures claim increased reliability over hard drives, they will still fail. With over a decade of real world SSD experience we are prepared for all your digital disasters!

DLT, LTO and Tape Data Recovery

Memofix is one of only a handful of companies in Canada & the USA that have the technical skill and experience to service and repair the most popular tape drives (and tape libraries) from yesterday and today. With Canada’s largest inventory of tape drives and tape libraries, Data Recovery by Memofix is the right choice for your DLT, LTO and Tape Data Recovery. 

OS Capabilities and File Repair Services

There is another form of data recovery that should more accurately be called file repair. In these cases the file is recovered but for one reason or another, the file will not load. As a result, we have developed many in-house programs and purchased  utilities to help repair different file types. We have the technical depth to decipher any file format and create a customized repair program for your data files.

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